About Redway Technologies & Communication

REDWAY TECHNOLOGIES & COMMUNICATION produces and sells racing guides simulators, born from an intense research conducted over the years by an enthusiastic team of excellence specialists and partners supported by a selected supply chain.

Our products are able to replicate the track experience for the current and historic competition cars not only from an ergonomic point of view, but also through the use of professional components (pedals, steering wheels, controls and mechanical devices for positioning and steering wheel adjustment, endurance and steering torque in all conditions) with the care of the smallest details, but also and above all from the functional point of view, such as direct steering cockpit adjustments including braking balancing, traction control, ABS etc.


Redway Technologies & Communication simulators are configured as follows

Carbon floor and tubular structure

Carbon floor and tubular structure that replicates the survival cell of racing cars.

High quality drives

Drives, gears and pedals are of the highest quality suitable for the event type and consistent with the required virtual vehicle controls (GT, Formula or Historical). The drive has a force feedback up to 18.5nm.

Adjustable steering wheel

Adjustment of the steering in height and depth by mechanical positioning system.

Three 4K monitors 40"

Three 4K low latency monitors; lateral monitors rotate 90 ° with respect to the central monitor, providing an immersive experience with the utmost visual quality.

High Quality sound system 5.1

The audio system consists of 5 satellite units on pedestal with its 250 W amplifier and self-amplified subwoofer.

Pilot direct cockpit adjustments

Pilot direct cockpit adjustments including brake Bias, traction control, ABS, engine brake and more.

REDWAY T. & C. organizes events of great emotional impact by providing its partners with a range of driving simulators.

We also offers the following services to further enrich its events

Display the best lap on a vertical monitor using proprietary software.

Acquire telemetry data related to the stint and for the end of the experience the driver can deal with a track engineer.

Teaching with professional drivers to provide a complete experience with briefing, race and debriefing.

Directional mode to broadcast in real time the race between two or more simulators on a monitor and entertain the audience.

Customize billboards and livery cars with company logos or event.

Real-time transmission on a pilot performance monitor with cameras placed in the simulator.

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